Aluminium Alloy 7000 Series

Aluminium Alloy 7000 Series, Aerospace & Aircraft aluminium alloys 7000 Series Sheets, plates, Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Extrusions, Round, Hex & Square Bars, Forgings Supplier & Exporter in India & Worldwide.

Aluminium alloy 7000 Series Includes Aerospace & Aircraft Aluminium alloy 7010, Aluminium alloy 7050, Aluminium alloy 7068, Aluminium alloy 7075, Aluminium alloy 7175, Aluminium alloy 7178, Aluminium alloy 7475 which is Supplied & Exported in all shapes & Sizes.

Metal Ministry Inc. is a leading Exporter & Stockholder of 7000 series Aerospace & Aircraft aluminium alloys which are called as some of the highest strength of aluminium alloys available worldwide. 7000 series aluminium alloys utilises zinc as the major alloying element and when combined with a smaller amount of magnesium, the result is a heat-treatable alloy which offers very high strength. These 7000 Series Aluminium alloys are often used in high performance applications such as aircraft, aerospace, and competitive sporting equipment.

Like the 2xxx series of alloys, this series incorporates alloys which are considered unsuitable candidates for arc welding, and others, which are often arc welded successfully. The commonly welded alloys in this series, such as 7005, are predominantly welded with the 5xxx series filler alloys. The corrosion resistance of the alloy is reduced due to the inclusion of zinc and magnesium, so copper is often introduced into the alloy to improve corrosion resistance. Applications for this range include critical parts used in the aerospace sector, automotive and sports equipment.

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Aluminium Alloy 7000 Series