Aluminium Alloy 3000 Series

Aluminium Alloy 3000 Series, Commercially Pure aluminium alloys 3000 Series Sheets, plates, Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Extrusions, Round, Hex & Square Bars, Forgings Supplier & Exporter in India & Worldwide.

Aluminium alloy 3000 Series Includes Commercially Pure Aluminium alloy 3003, Aluminium alloy 3025, Aluminium alloy 3103, aluminium alloy 3104, aluminium alloy 3015 which is Supplied & Exported in all shapes & Sizes.

Metal Ministry Inc. Exports & Supplies 3000 series aluminium alloys which are available in ready to deliver condition. These are the aluminium / manganese alloys (manganese additions ranging from 0.05 to 1.8%) and are of moderate strength, have good corrosion resistance, good formability and are suited for use at elevated temperatures. One of their first uses was pots and pans, and they are the major component today for heat exchangers in vehicles and power plants and painted roofing aluminium 3000 alloy sheets. Their moderate strength, however, often precludes their consideration for structural applications.

These 3000 Series aluminium base alloys are welded with 1xxx, 4xxx and 5xxx series filler alloys, dependent on their specific chemistry and particular application and service requirements. Our stock comprises of wide range of 3000 series soft aluminium alloys. Major of our stocks includes 3003 and 3103 which are available in sheet & plate form which are used for Roofing applications majorly.

To buy any of Our Soft Aluminium 3000 Series Alloys in different grades, shapes & sizes , click on our products below or send us an email on or Call/WhatsApp on +91-9892171042 for quick quote & response. All our 3000 Series Aluminium alloy Grade Products are supplied in Relevant standards as per customer requirements & Mill TC from Indian, USA, South African, Russian, German & European Mills only.