Aluminium Alloy 5000 Series

Aluminium Alloy 5000 Series, Commercially Pure aluminium alloys 5000 Series Sheets, plates, Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Extrusions, Round, Hex & Square Bars, Forgings Supplier & Exporter in India & Worldwide.

Aluminium alloy 5000 Series Includes Marine Aluminium alloy 5052, Aluminium alloy 5083, Aluminium alloy 5086, Aluminium alloy 5251, Aluminium alloy 5454, Aluminium alloy 5754 which is Supplied & Exported in all shapes & Sizes.

Metal Ministry Inc. Exports & Stocks Marine 5000 series aluminium alloy In all shapes & Sizes, majorly in Super-Sized plates & Sheets which are used in Marine & Shipbuilding Activities. These are the aluminium / magnesium alloys (magnesium additions ranging from 0.2 to 6.2%) and have the highest strength of the non-heat treatable alloys. In addition, this alloy series is readily weld able, and for these reasons they are used for a wide variety of applications such as Marine & shipbuilding, transportation, pressure vessels, bridges and buildings.

These 5000 Series Marine Aluminium are often welded with filler alloys, which are selected after consideration of the magnesium content of the base material, and the application and service conditions of the welded component. Alloys in this series with more than 3.0% magnesium are not recommended for elevated temperature service above 150 deg F because of their potential for sensitization and subsequent susceptibility to stress corrosion cracking. Base alloys with less than approximately 2.5% magnesium are often welded successfully with the 5xxx or 4xxx series filler alloys. The base alloy 5052 is generally recognized as the maximum magnesium content base alloy that can be welded with a 4xxx series filler alloy. Because of problems associated with eutectic melting and associated poor as-welded mechanical properties, it is not recommended to weld material in this alloy series, which contain higher amounts of magnesium with the 4xxx series fillers.

To buy any of Aluminium 5000 Series Marine Alloys in different grades, shapes & sizes , click on our products below or send us an email on or Call/WhatsApp on +91-9892171042 for quick quote & response. All our 5000 Series Aluminium alloy Grade Products are supplied in Relevant standards as per customer requirements & Mill TC from Indian, USA, South African, Russian, German & European Mills only.

Aluminium Alloy 5000 Series

UNS Trade Names. Werkstoff No. European Standard Product Forms
A95052 Aluminium Alloy 5052 - EN AW-5052 Aluminium Alloy 5052 Strips & Coils
Aluminium Alloy 5052 Sheets & Plates
Aluminium Alloy 5052 Round Bars
Aluminium Alloy 5052 Hex Square Flat Bars
Aluminium Alloy 5052 Pipe & Tubes
Aluminium Alloy 5052 Angles Channels
Aluminium Alloy 5052 Extrusion Aluminium Alloy 5052 Forgings
A95083 Aluminium Alloy 5083 - EN AW-5083 Aluminium Alloy 5083 Strips & Coils
Aluminium Alloy 5083 Sheets & Plates
Aluminium Alloy 5083 Round Bars
Aluminium Alloy 5083 Hex Square Flat Bars
Aluminium Alloy 5083 Pipe & Tubes
Aluminium Alloy 5083 Angles Channels
Aluminium Alloy 5083 Extrusion Aluminium Alloy 5083 Forgings
A95086 Aluminium Alloy 5086 - EN AW-5086 Aluminium Alloy 5086 Strips & Coils
Aluminium Alloy 5086 Sheets & Plates
Aluminium Alloy 5086 Round Bars
Aluminium Alloy 5086 Hex Square Flat Bars
Aluminium Alloy 5086 Pipe & Tubes
Aluminium Alloy 5086 Angles Channels
Aluminium Alloy 5086 Extrusion Aluminium Alloy 5086 Forgings
A95454 Aluminium Alloy 5454 - EN AW-5454 Aluminium Alloy 5454 Strips & Coils
Aluminium Alloy 5454 Sheets & Plates
Aluminium Alloy 5454 Round Bars
Aluminium Alloy 5454 Hex Square Flat Bars
Aluminium Alloy 5454 Pipe & Tubes
Aluminium Alloy 5454 Angles Channels
Aluminium Alloy 5454 Extrusion Aluminium Alloy 5454 Forgings
AA5754 Aluminium Alloy 5754 - EN AW-5754 Aluminium Alloy 5754 Strips & Coils
Aluminium Alloy 5754 Sheets & Plates
Aluminium Alloy 5754 Round Bars
Aluminium Alloy 5754 Hex Square Flat Bars
Aluminium Alloy 5754 Pipe & Tubes
Aluminium Alloy 5754 Angles Channels
Aluminium Alloy 5754 Extrusion Aluminium Alloy 5754 Forgings